Square Head 0 To 10 Meter Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter Ultrasound Material Quantity Sensor 1% Precision 4 To 20ma Output Used For Sewage Treatment Stations Agricultural Water Use Environmental Monitoring Hydrological Monitoring

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Application example: Sewage treatment stations, agricultural water use, environmental monitoring, food processing, flood control, hydrological monitoring, open channels, spatial positioning and many other industries.
Description Review

Ultrasonic level gauges are digital level gauges controlled by a microprocessor. In the measurement, the ultrasonic pulse is sent by the sensor (transducer), the sound wave is reflected by the liquid surface and then received by the same sensor, converted into an electrical signal by the piezoelectric crystal, and the time between the transmission and reception of the sound wave is calculated from the sensor to the received signal. Measure the distance to the surface of the liquid. Due to the non-contact measurement, the measured medium is almost unlimited, and it can be widely used for the height measurement of various liquid and solid materials.









Basic Parameters

Measurement range: 0 ~ 10 M (selected according to the measured range)

Blind area: 0.5 m

Ranging accuracy: 1% (standard condition)

Range resolution: less than 1mm (built-in temperature compensation)

Pressure: normal atmospheric pressure (pressure is customized)

Meter display: the scene shows 4 bit LED display liquid level or space distance

Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA

Digital output: Modbus, RS485 protocol or custom protocol

Power supply :  DC 18 to 24V for 2 wires

                            DC 11 to 24V for 3 or 4 wires

                            AC 85 to 400V is available for customized production

The ambient temperature from-20 ℃ ~ 60

Protection level: IP65






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Installation Guide

It is important for the users to understand the below terminologys before the installation operation:


1: Measuring range: the meaning of measuring range is very important for meter type selection. Please refer to the diagrams below:

2: Emitting angle and false echo:

Ultrasonic wave beam is gathered by the probe. The emitting of impulse wave beam is like the light beam of flashlight. The further it is from the probe, the greater the diffusion area is.

Any objects within the range of emitting angle, such as pipe, support, weld joint, reinforcing rib, mixing propeller and hanging object, will lead to strong false echo, specially the objects within the range of emitting angle which are near the probe.

For example, the false echo caused by the pipe at 6m from the probe is 9 times stronger than that caused by the same pipe at 18m from the probe.

Try every effort to make the sensor axis perpendicular to the medium surface and avoid any other object within the range of emitting angle, such as pipe and support.


Typical Wrong Installation (only examples):


1. The distance from the transmitter surface of the probe to the lowest liquid level should be less than the range of the optional instrument.

2. The distance from the probe launching surface to the highest liquid level should be greater than the blind zone of the optional instrument.

3. The emitting surface of the probe should be parallel to the liquid surface.

4. The installation position of the probe should try to avoid the severe liquid surface such as the inlet and outlet directly belowfFluctuating location.

5. If the pool or tank wall is not smooth, the installation position of the instrument should be 0.5m away from the pool or tank wall above.

6. If the distance from the launching surface of the probe to the highest liquid level is less than the blind zone of the optional instrument, add install extension pipe, the diameter of the extension pipe is greater than 120mm, the length is 0.35m~0.50m, vertical straight installation, smooth inner wall, the upper opening of the tank should be larger than the inner diameter of the extension pipe. Or put the tube to the bottom of the tank, the diameter of the pipe is greater than 100mm, and the hole at the bottom of the pipe keeps the liquid level in the extension pipe and the tank inner contour.


Application Examples: 

Liquid level and material level measurement is a common problem in industry. Ultrasonic position measurement technology has many advantages. It can not only measure position at fixed point and continuously, but also provide signals needed for telemetry or remote control. Compared with radioactive positioning technology, ultrasonic technology does not need protection. Compared with laser ranging technology, it has the advantages of simple and economic. At the same time, ultrasonic technology generally does not require moving parts, so it is relatively convenient in installation and maintenance. Ultrasonic level meter can be widely used in petroleum, mining, power plant, chemical plant, water treatment plant, sewage treatment station, agricultural water, environmental protection monitoring, food ( brewing industry, beverage industry, additives, edible oil, dairy products ), flood control, hydrological monitoring, open channel, spatial positioning and many other industries.


This product has excellent chemical resistance. For inorganic compounds, regardless of acid, alkali or salt solution, except for strong oxidizing materials, almost all of them have no destructive effect on them. Almost all solvents are insoluble at room temperature. , hydrocarbons, alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, ketones and other media can be used.














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