7th Generation 250m Range Steel Ruler Tape Type Water Level Meter With Buzzer For Deep Well or Reservoir Water Level Monitoring

The steel ruler level gauge produced by Treumsense Precision Technology provides the most accurate and more importantly the simplest method for measuring the water level. It is usually used to measure the water level in wells, boreholes and water level pi
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This Steel Ruler Water Level Meter is the high accuracy instrument to measure water level. It is commonly used for measuring the water level in wells, boreholes and standpipes. Specially for the observation of the under ground water level in hydroelectric project or the phreatic line inspection of the earth-rock dam by people. This instrument can be used under construction, and it also can be used for long term inspection.

Deepest (m) 30 50 100 150 200 300 500  
Range(m) 0~30 0~50 0~100 0~150 0~200 0~300 0~500  
Min (mm) 1.0
Repeat (mm) ±2.0
Voltage(V) DC 9V

Probe: made of stainless steel , installed the water resistance point of contact  inside , when the probe contacted the water, it will turn on the receiving system automatically, when the probe didn’t contact the water , the system will automatically turn off the receiver .

Steel ruler cable section:  adopts plastic technology to make the ruler and the cable together  , not only  prevent the corrosion of steel ruler , but also simplifies the process of  operation , it will make the reading more convenient and more accurate.

Receiving system part : composed by the sounder, indicator and peak value indicator , sounder emits a continuous beeping sound , the indicator turns on, the peak value indicated as voltmeter pointer

When you measure, loose the wire spool, press the power button, put the probe into water level pipe, hold the steel ruler cable, move it slowly deep down to the the pipe. When the contact of the probe contacted with water level, the receiving system beeper will continuously beeping. Now you can read the depth size in the pipe orifice, that is to say the distance between under ground water and the pipe orifice.(If in your site, you can’t hear the beeper due to the high pitch noise, you can observe the indicator and voltage meter.


A)When the contact of the probe contacted with water level, the beeper will beep, the indicator lights, the voltage meter moves, it means now you need to slow down the steel ruler cable putting, so that you can find the position of the sound or indicate to read the depth size.

B) The accuracy of the reading depends on the judging the beeper or indicator timely, the accuracy of the measurements are relevant to the skill of the operator, pls repeatedly practice or operate

What's its Working Voltage?
The General DC 9V lithium battery is ok for its power supply:
Other Range Available for Produce?
Sure, we has 10 meters, 20 meters,30 meters,50 meters,100 meters,150 meters,200 meters,300 meters,400 meters and 500 meters for your choosing.
Email: info@chinasmartsensor.com

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