Trumsense DC 12V WS08CB-S5A-BW Stepless Dimming Touch Switch for Bathroom Led Smart Mirror Control Dual Color Light Belt

Item No.: 00264
Shortly switch from ' cold light to warm natural light ' and long press can continuously adjust LED brightness at current color

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★  Trumsense Factory Warehouse Directly Delivery

● Model: WS08CB-S5A-BW Touch Switch

●  Can Steplessly Adjust the Brightness of the LED Strip

●  Can Control LED Light Colour (control Dual Colour LED Belt)

● Used for LED Light Mirror of Bathroom,Washroom,Bedroom, Bar,Hotel,Beauty Salon,Coffee Shop,Sitting    Room,KTV,Homestay,Makeup Room... ... ... ... ... ...

1: WS08CB-S5A-BW Touch Switch Wholesales Price Reminding:

     We are the direct factory, our mainly users are from the smart mirror manufacturer worldwide, if you has bulk quantity

     purchasing plan,please kindly contact us for wholesales offer.

2: Important Before You Place An Order of Touch Switch WS08CB-S5A-BW In This Link:

      a: We only produce and sell touch switch sensor,do not produce and sell mirror.

      b: We will only send you the touch switch sensor, do not send mirror.

      c: You will only receive the touch switch, you will not receive any mirror.

      d: All the photos with mirror you can see in main photos, in description, in advertisement , in videos,or any other

          possible places,only with the purpose to show the final performance or functions, after you install our mirror touch

          switch sensor , on your old/existing mirrors.

      e: The most important job is: remove the mercury, to make it transparent, to match our touch switch's touch key, please

          contact us for the video, if you has a plan to buy or already receive the goods, because we can not upload large file


      f: We are the factory, we will make the touch panel work perfectly with our instruction, after your parcel was received.

      g: If your quantity is very big, please contact us and we will offer you the best prices or maybe exclusive prices in your

          province or your country.

3: Touch Switch WS08CB-S5A-BW Working Principle:

WS08CB is a LED touch stepless dimming switch for DC12V power supply, which realizes the touch switch control function of LED lamp, light tube, antifogging film and DC12V electrical appliance. WS08 series mirror touch switch is a product specially designed for bathroom intelligent lamp mirror. The product has reliable performance, convenient installation, sensitive touch and high output power, which is suitable for the control of various mirror lights and other electrical appliances. A backlight is designed on the touch switch board. The backlight and the touch switch are designed as a whole. When the power supply and the switch are connected, the backlight on the switch board is lighted after the power supply is switched on. The backlight is always bright and can be closed by long-touch.

The switch is activated by the touch of a finger, and stopped when you leave your hand. The touch is sensitive, and the illuminated keys can be easily seen even in the dark.

Multiple functional models available,the design of WS08CB includes general switch function, stepless brightness adjustment and color temperature adjustment for the users' selection.

4: Basic Function of Touch Switch WS08CB series procduct:

     a: The backlight selection of the touch switch (that is, the backlight color of the switch button itself, the switch model

         with single-color backlight is suffixed with a single letter, and the backlight color is single and concise; the switch

         model with two-color backlight is

         suffixed with two letters,which are different in different states. Backlight color, easy to distinguish):

BW: blue and white backlight, after the switch is powered on, the backlight is blue, when it is turned on, it is white

                backlight, two-color backlight;

    b: Function selection of WS08CB touch switch:

Ordinary touch switch: after the switch is powered on, touch it once to turn on the light, touch it again to turn off the

                                            led light;

Stepless dimming switch: After the switch is powered on, touch it to turn on the light, press and hold the touchpad

                                            when the light is on, you can dim the brightness of the led light, the brightness range is

                                             5%-100% brightness, and touch it again to turn off the light.

   c: Function example explaination:

       WS08CB-S5A-BW: Shortly press: from ' cold light to warm natural light ' and long press can continuously adjust LED

                                       brightness at current color temperature, with blue and white backlight.

5: Parameters of Touch Switch WS08CB-S5A-BW (WS08CB Series):

    Product name : single-touch switch

    Product Type : WS08CB-Sn

    Working voltage : DC12V

    Switch current : 4.5A ( Max )

    Load power : 54W

    Keystroke backlight : blue and white

    Range of dimming : 5-100 %

    Color temperature regulation : optional

    Touching mode : capacitive inductive touch

    Support mirror thickness : 3-5 mm

    WS08CB-S1 : Turn on the light, turn off the light, press sleep

    WS08CB-S2 : Short switch light, long stepless LED light brightness adjustment

    WS08CB-S4 : Short switch light, long stepless color temperature adjustment

    WS08CB-S5A : Shortly switch from ' cold light to warm natural light ' and long press can continuously adjust LED

                             brightness at current color temperature.

6: Installation of Touch Switch WS08CB-S5A-BW

     a: Before the installation ,you need to remove the mercury of your mirror with the laser machine and we will send you

        the DWG format file for this laser engraving job, after you receive our touch switch, please kindly do the installation as

        below instruction:

     b: Wiring Diagram of WS08CB-S5A-BW ( control dual colour LED Strip):

7: Applications of the Touch Switch WS08CB-S5A-BW is Used In Below Fields Widely Where There Is A Led Mirror :

like: Bathroom,Washroom,Bedroom, Bar,Hotel,Beauty Salon,Coffee Shop,Sitting Room,KTV,Homestay,Makeup Room...

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8: You Will Receive The Touch Switch WS08CB-S5A-BW , Totally Same As the Detail Photos

    Showed Below:

9:  Below Are The Products That is Compatible With The Touch Switch WS08CB-S5A-BW, and

     Below products are all our own designed and products:

a: Power Adapter: D14

      b: Power Adapter: D24

      c: Power Amplifier:

      d: Big Power Supply Adapter:

10: Customized Products Available:

       In past years, plenty of smart mirror factory purchased from us and many of the items was customzied, if the above

       function can not meet your needs, please conact us to discuss, our enginner will share our suggestion with you.



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