600x1000 mm Antifog Film For Bathroom Mirror Electric Heating Mirror Film Washroom Mirror Film to Remove the Mist

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Mirror anti-fog film is an electric heating product specially designed to completely solve the fogging of bathroom mirrors.
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Electric Heating Film Used for Bathroom Mirror

To Remove the Mist

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be clear in mind, before you place order !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

1: We only sellthe mist-removing film,do not sell mirror.

2: We will only deliveryyou the mist removing film,do not delivery mirror.

3:You will receive the mist removing film (anti-fog film), you will not receive any mirror.

4: All the photos with mirror you can see in main photos, in description, in advertisement , in videos,or any other possible places,only with the purposeto show the final performance or functions, after you install our mirror touch switch sensor , on yourold/existingmirrors.

5: If your quantity is very big, please contact us and we will offer you thebest prices or maybe exclusive pricesin your province or your country.

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When the ordinary bathroom mirror is filled with water vapor in the bathroom, the mirror is always blurred and cannot be used. ​ ​The special anti-fog film for bathroom mirror converts electric energy into heat energy and conducts it to the lens, so that the mirror temperature is fast. ​ ​The speed rises, always above room temperature 10-18 ° C, preventing moisture from condensing on the mirror surface. ​ ​The anti-fog film is an electric heating product specially designed to completely solve the fogging of the bathroom mirror. It has been deeply penetrated into the restaurant, the residential house, the bath, and other places where the mirror is needed. The refreshing mirror will bring great convenience to your makeup, shaving, hair styling and dressing after bathing.

Technical Parameters: ​(1) Working voltage: 220V/50Hz ​(2) Input power: 180W/m2 ​(3) Average heating value: 8-20 ° C ​(4) Heat resistance temperature of the diaphragm: 120 ° C ​ Instructions: ​Uncover the bottom paper, flatten the film on the back of the clean, non-staining mirror, and connect the power supply. ​ Frequently Application Size: ​600x400MM ​600x800MM ​800x1000MM ​1000*600MM

This link is based on 600 x 1000 mm, if you are in need of other size, we accpet MOQ 1 piece, based on your size, if you allow us 3 days to produce specially for you.

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