Piezo resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter for Sewage River or lake or Waste Water Treatment And Weak Corrosive Liquid

Urban sewage is an environmental protection topic that the world is paying attention to. There are more than 6 billion people in the world. Everyone needs water every day. They are producing a large amount of waste sewage and dirty water. Under the clean
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The input level transmitter produced by Trumsense Precision Technology uses 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel structure, and the silicon piezoresistive isolation membrane oil-filled core is sealed as a signal measuring element in a stainless steel housing, forming an integrated structure and standardized signal entity. The cable is hermetically connected to the shell. The air duct in the cable allows the back pressure cavity of the sensor to communicate with the atmosphere to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. It can be used for a long time in a liquid compatible with the structural material of the transmitter. It's convenient.

Based on the principle that the measured static pressure of the liquid is proportional to the height of the liquid, uses an isolated diffusion silicon sensitive element or a ceramic capacitor pressure sensitive sensor to convert the static pressure into an electrical signal Then, after temperature compensation and linear correction, it is converted into a standard electrical signal, which is generally suitable for liquid level measurement of various media in systems and industries such as petrochemical, metallurgy, power, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, environmental protection and other industries.

STT-PT400-WH series level transmitter have special structure and applications, High accuracy, small volume, stability, plus resistance to abrasion, oil, acid & alkali and high intensity gas lead cable ensure it to meet different occasions measurement requirements. Widely used in sewage, river and lakes treatment as well as channel, large rivers, lakes, reservoirs and coastline monitoring.
This product has got intrinsic safety certification, explosion proof certification and CE certification.
The lead of two-wire circumfluent is no-polarity, but the three-wire voltage output is Vdc / ac.

Product Elite Features:
►Small size, light weight, good long-term stability,
►The cable connection is resistant to water, oil and abrasion, flexible to use;
►Multiple pressure ranges and signal outputs;
►Non-polar two-wire current output;
►Available for lightning protection products;
►Available with level cable with reinforced ribs;
►Intrinsically safe, flameproof, CE certified.

Working Principle: (Using the principle of static pressure measurement:)
When the level transmitter is put into a certain depth in the liquid to be measured, the pressure formula on the sensor's liquid surface is: P = ρ .g.H + Po
In the formula:
P: the pressure on the transmitter facing the liquid surface ρ: the density of the measured liquid
g: local gravity acceleration
Po: atmospheric pressure on the liquid surface
H: Depth of the transmitter into the liquid
At the same time, the pressure of the liquid is introduced into the positive pressure cavity of the sensor through the gas-conducting stainless steel, and then the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid surface is connected to the negative pressure cavity of the sensor to offset the Po on the back of the sensor, so that the pressure measured by the sensor is: ρ. gH, obviously, by measuring the pressure P, the liquid level depth can be obtained.

Name Data Remark
Measurement range 0~3…200mH2O 1mH2O≈9.81kPa
Overload pressure 1.5 times rated pressure  
Failure pressure 3 times rated pressure  
accuracy ±0.1%F.S,   ±0.25%F.S,    ±0.5%F.S.(if higher accuracy, please refer to MARS series )  
Stability Typical value: 0.1%F.S,   Maximum value: 0.2%F.S  
Operation temperature 40~85  
Offset temperature 10~70  
Medium compatibility All corrosive medium compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti and 316L  
Electrics feature Two-wire type Three-wire type  
Signal output 4~20mA 0~5V 0~10V  
Power supply 10~36Vdc 10~36Vdc/ac 12~36Vdc/ac Vdc/ac means both use dc and ac.
Load resistance (U-10)/0.02(Ω) >100kΩ  
Insulate >100M Ω@50V  
Electrics connector Waterproof fixed cover + bipolar cycle matrix + sealing ring + sealgum + glue feed, etc,five rank sealed.
protection rank: IP68
Pressure junction Various embedded structures suit to different applications   
Response time 10ms  
Pressure form Gauge pressure: G, Absolute pressure: A  
Certification Explosion proof certification, CE certification.  
Electromagnetic compatibility Electromagnetic radiation: EN50081-1/-2;
Electromagnetic sensitivity: EN50082-2;
Signal output
Current 4~20mA, 0~20mA
Voltage 0~5V, 0~10V
0.5~4.5V, 1~5V

Electrical connection
  Two wire Three
Red 24V 24V+ 24V+
Blue Iout I/Vout I/Vout+
Black   24V- 24V-
White     I/Vout-
Yellow shield shield shield

Application Example:
►Medicine, metallurgy, power plants, mines, urban water supply and drainage,
►Constant pressure water supply, sewage treatment, metallurgy and chemical industry
►Water level measurement in deep wells, river hydrological monitoring,
►Turbid level measurement, liquid tank height
►Water-saving irrigation, detection of circulating fluid consumption, drinking water engineering
►Treatment of river water and river water, hydrological monitoring and exploration of canals, rivers, rivers,      reservoirs, lakes, coasts, geology... ...

Order Photo Show:

Order Placing&Customized Production
Ordering example:

Ordering information
STT-PT400WH is for hydrologic monitoring
STT-PT430 is for deep water level measurement
STT-PT400-1 is for sewage treatment
STT-PT400-2 is for concrete mixing
Typical Installation Example
►This input type liquid level transmitter has an isolation diaphragm in the pressure inlet. Do not touch it with foreign objects.
►For electrical connection, please strictly follow the wiring method. Misconnection will cause damage to the amplifier circuit.
►For submerged level transmitter installation, do not use wires to lift heavy objects other than the product.
►The probe is dredged regularly to avoid blocking the inlet.

Basic Wiring For This Lqiudi Level Transducer:

Typical Installation Example:

On-site installation example
The wire is a special waterproof wire. It should be free from wear, puncture and scratches during installation and use. If the above problems exist on the site, the conductor should be protected.
►If you encounter problems during installation and use, please contact our company. When the product is abnormal,please do not open it for repair by yourself.

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for Dirt Water Treatment:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for General Water Tower:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for High Sediment Water Level Measuring:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for Lake Depth Level Measuring:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for Sewage Treatment:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for Factory Waste Water Level Measuring:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for Weak Acid Water Level Measuring:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for Factory Discharge Water Level Measuring:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for Factory Water Pool Level Measuring:

Piezo Resistance Diffuse Silicon Level Transmitter Used for other General Ground or Lake or Reservoir Water Level Measuring or Monitoring:


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