Pitot Tube Wind Speed Sensor Is Used In Scientific Research, Production, Teaching, Environmental Protection And Clean Room, Mine Ventilation And Energy Management Departments.

Item No.: 00225
Pitot tube wind speed sensor is used to measure the wind speed of pipes and the air speed in the flue of the furnace.
Description Basic Parameters Elite Features Code And Functions Review

Pitot tube is a tubular device that measures total air pressure and static pressure to determine air flow velocity. It is widely used in scientific research, production, teaching, environmental protection and clean room, mine ventilation and energy management departments. Measure the air velocity in the pipe and the air velocity in the flue of the furnace, and determine the flow rate after conversion. The velocity of the liquid in the pipe can also be measured. The pitot tube is used to determine the flow rate and flow rate. The pitot tube is convenient, fast and highly accurate. It is a classic measurement method.

Mechanical Size:

Basic Parameters

Measuring range: 0~10M/S, 0~20M/S, 0~30M/S.. .0~ 10M/S

Maximum overload: 5 times the standard range

Maximum withstand voltage: 10kpa

Output form: wind speed, air volume

Accuracy grade: 3%F.S

Display resolution: 0.01

Power supply voltage: 24VDC

Output: 4~20mA, 0~10V, RS485 (additional switch value can be added)

Load resistance: ≤5000

Measuring medium: non-flammable gas

Long-term stability: ±1%F.S/year

Relative humidity of environment: 0~95%

Compensation temperature: 0~70°C

Working temperature: -10~70%

Protection level: IP54

Elite Features

LCD Display Optional 4-digit LCD display

Zero position adjustable on site

Full scale on-site adjustable





Circuit protection

With reverse protection 

current-limiting protection circuit reverse connection of positive 

and negative will not damage 

the transmitter

When abnormal, the transmitter 

will automatically limit the current 

within 35mA 

Code And Functions

20: Field data fine-tuning (enlarge or reduce output data)

30: Modify 485 communication address

40: Low limit alarm value setting (optional)

50: High limit alarm value setting (optional)

23: Fine adjustment of output current

25: Fine adjustment of output voltage

8000: Check the working status of the sensor

8001: select high and low range

8002: Change the range on site

8003: Change the position of the decimal point

8004: Change the sensor unit 



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