Pressure Transducer Specially For Air Compressor 16 Bar Range 4 to 20mA Output 24V DC Power Supply Air Compressor Pressure Transmitter

Item No.: 00435
●Specially For Air Compressor
●Air aviation plug
●two meters cable
●24VDC power supply4
●-20Ma output
●G1/4 connection
●16 bar range
Description Review

Trumsense Pressure Transducer For Air Compressor

Air/aviation plug

two meters cable

24VDC power supply

4-20Ma output

G1/4 connection

16bar range

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Important note before you order:

This link is for the pressure transmitter 16bar 4~20mA, based on the following specification,

● Model: CSS-PT1100B

● Range: 16bar

● Power supply: 24VDC

● Signal output:  4~20mA

● Pressure port: G1/4

● Electrical connection: Air/ aviation plug, two meters cable

You will receive the pressure transducer, same as below detail photos:

We can also customize pressure transmitters based on your parameters, pls let us know following if you need a customized one:

1: Accuracy?

2: Pressure port?

3: Electrical connection?

4: Signal output?

5: Pressure range?

6: Power supply?

7: Your working media?

8: Quantity?

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