Range 3m 4 To 20ma Rs485 Output Integrated Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter Ultrasound Open Channel Flow Sensor 3% Accuracy

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Suitable for reservoir, river, hydraulic engineering, urban water supply, sewage treatment, farmland irrigation, water resources and other rectangular, trapezoidal, U-shaped open channel flow measurement.
Description Review

Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is composed of ultrasonic probe for liquid level measurement and flow calculation transmitter. According to the different structure, it can be divided into integrated type and split type. It is suitable for measuring the flow of rectangular, trapezoidal and U-shaped open channels such as reservoirs, rivers, water conservancy projects, urban water supply, sewage treatment, farmland irrigation, water administration and water resources. Ultrasonic open channel flowmeters need to be measured together with weirs and grooves. Commonly used weirs and grooves include Parshall grooves, rectangular grooves, triangular weirs, etc. The appropriate matching method can be selected according to different site environments.



The instrument can directly display the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, built-in EEPROM digital memory, to ensure that the data will not be lost after a power failure. The instrument is also equipped with explosion-proof probes specially designed for petroleum and chemical sectors to meet the measurement requirements of sewage flow in explosion-proof areas in petrochemical and other sectors (explosion-proof grade EX ia II BT4), especially suitable for flow measurement of oily wastewater.


This instrument can be matched with various national standard weirs or tanks, and can be widely used in the measurement or monitoring of the total discharge of various water quality. The measurement results are not affected by water quality. The ultrasonic open channel flowmeter also has a variety of built-in algorithms, suitable for a variety of standard weirs and grooves, and optional communication interface, which is easy to connect with other DCS systems to realize industrial remote monitoring and control.


Working Principle:

he ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is used with the corresponding parshall tank, triangular weir, rectangular weir and other weir tanks. It uses the propagation law of ultrasonic waves in the air to measure the liquid level height, and continuously transmits the liquid level information to the host computer. The system automatically measures the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow and stores them. This instrument adopts international advanced technology to complete flow detection without contact with fluid, and has perfect liquid level measurement function, control function, data transmission function and man-machine communication function. This machine is a flow measuring instrument integrating ultrasonic transceiver sensor, servo circuit, temperature compensation sensor and compensation circuit unit, accumulating host, display, control signal output and serial data or analog output unit.

In many non-full water, large flow (or small flow), and natural flow free water surface state, the flow of fluid is measured, which is called open channel flow detection. Due to the large or small flow of the open channel, there is often a certain degree of corrosiveness or some impurities in the fluid. It is very difficult to use a general pipeline flowmeter to detect the flow. For example, in the fields of industrial enterprise drainage, hospital wastewater, agricultural irrigation water, urban underground water drainage and other fields, open channel flow detection, especially non-contact ultrasonic open channel flowmeter, is the preferred flow monitoring instrument.



Technical index

Measuring range: 0.1L/sec~ 10m3/sec

Cumulative flow: 99999999 m3

Ranging range: 0~ 3M

Ranging accuracy: 0.3%

Flow accuracy: 1% (depending on the type of weir)

Blind area: 0.3M~0.5M

Ranging resolution: 1 MM

Pressure: Atmospheric pressure

Instrument display: Built-in LCD to display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow

Analog output: 4 ~ 20MA

Digital output: RS485, MODBUS protocol or customized protocol

Power supply voltage: DC24V/ AC220V, built-in lightning protection device

Ambient temperature: -20°C ~ + 60°c

Protection, etc.: IP65


Elite features:

●  Non-contact measurement, suitable for harsh sites

IP68 protection probe, long service life

3° launch angle, can also be measured with small weir grooves

It can measure the flow of sewage discharge channels or pipes (sewers)

 Instantaneous flow value and cumulative flow value can be provided

Output signal: RS-485, Modbus, 4-20Ma current signal and multiple switches

The probe can work for a long time under harsh site and sewage water quality

Optional SMS or GPRS wireless module to realize remote telemetry



Product Size:



Installation Guide:

The distance from the transmitter surface of the transducer to the lowest liquid level should be less than the range of the optional instrument;

 The distance from the transmitter surface of the transducer to the highest liquid level should be greater than the blind zone of the optional instrument;

 The emission surface of the transducer should be parallel to the liquid surface;

The instrument is installed in the center of the canal or on a static well.

The instrument should be installed upstream of the weir plate or weir trough.



Weir groove, weir plate production requirements:

Production requirements for weir grooves and weir plates:

● It is recommended to use FRP, PVC or stainless steel to make weirs or grooves. Triangular weir, rectangular weir

The size of the weir mouth should be accurate, and the surface of the side facing the water should be smooth; Parshall groove throat part

The size must be accurate, and the inner surface of the groove must be smooth.




Wiring Diagram:


Application Examples:

The ultrasonic open channel flowmeter uses the ultrasonic probe to measure the channel water level value by non-contact measurement, and then calculates the flow rate through the water level-flow conversion algorithm. The corresponding weir and groove (Parshall groove, rectangular weir, triangular weir, etc.) can be matched according to the site conditions of the channel, or it can be measured separately without the weir and groove. It is mainly used in farmland irrigation channels, enterprise sewage outlets, sewage treatment plants, ecological discharge flow monitoring of hydropower stations, etc.





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Mainly engaged in ultrasonic material (liquid) level meter series, pressure level / transmitter series, flowmeter series.



The main application fields of the product: sewage plant water works, mines, water conservancy, power plants, chemical plants, steel plants, printing machinery manufacturing plants, etc., liquid level measurement in various industrial fields, especially sewage treatment, acid and alkaline liquid measurement.





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