Trumsense 3 To 6 Meters RS232 RS485 Analog Output External Sticking Type Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor Installed On The Bottom Of Fuel Tank Of Truck Or Sprinkler Or Fire Truck

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Provide data on fuel filling, leakage and fuel consumption, provide statistical decision support for enterprises to prevent oil theft and optimize fuel consumption, optimize operation and drivers ' driving behavior.
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Trumsense Ultrasonic Fuel Consumption Sensor /

Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Indicator



1: How it works?

Model TUB ultrasonic fuel level sensor is installed on the bottom of the tank. Ultrasonic wave goes from the bottom of the tank to the top of the fuel surface, reflects and goes back to the bottom. The time it takes the sound burst to return to the sensor is measured and translated into a distance measurement that can be converted into a level indication, volume measurement by the sensor.


It is a perfect solution for monitoring the fuel level and fuel consumption of commercial vehicles and also stationary tanks, etc. The sensor can detect and report fuel theft in real-time by sending an alert. For the fuel level, it is measured and sent to GPS tracker directly, then upload it to the server and processed to display on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.


2: Key Features

  • • Perfect design to detect fuel tank without drilling holes.
  • • Accurate measurement of fuel level, same as capacitive fuel level sensor.
  • • Stable performance even in extreme temperature conditions in range from -30℃ to 75℃
  • • Easy installation
  • • IP67 protection



3: Basic specification of trumsense ultrasonic fuel consumption / fuel tank level sensor:



  Power supply


  Power consumption

   0.36W / 12VDC 

  Operational temperature

   -30°C to 75°C

  Storage temperature

   -40°C to 85°C

  Measuring range



   ±0.5% FS 



  Protection rate


  Serial port output

   RS232 \ RS485 \ Analog

  Baud Rates

   Default 9600 or Customized. No parity bit;

   8 data bits; 1 stop bit; no flow control.


4: Installation guide of trumsense ultrasonic fuel consumption / fuel tank level sensor:

Probe Size:  diameter ø33mm, height 12.7mm

Product list:



 Model TUB (probe with 1m cable)




 Installation kit (Protective holder/Steel clamp/cable ties)


 8m extension cable


 Digital indicator for installation (optional)


Important notes:

● Because the couplant and grease are forbidden materials for air transport, so you need to buy these two materials from local shops before the installation.

Do not wash the tank within 6 hours after installation.

 Do not install the sensor when the temperature is below minus 10 degrees.


Installation Flow Chart:


Step 1: Check the current fuel level:

Please check the fuel gauge or fuel tank directly if the balance fuel level is around or over 50%, it is important for locating the installation spot and testing the sensor after installation.


Step 2: Find and clear the installation area:

The sensor must be installed on the central area of the bottom of the fuel tank as per above figure. Please clear this area completely before installation.

Important Note:

The mounting position is critical for ultrasonic level sensor. So please ensure that above this installation area is away from fuel filler, oil gauge, internal partition, otherwise the ultrasonic wave may not reach the top of the fuel and get back with correct data.



Step 3: Connect the sensor to digital indicator

● Connect the sensor to the digital indicator.

Connect the digital indicator to vehicle power supply directly.


Step 4: Check & Locate the installation spot

Put the couplant on the surface of the senor (the side without the label).

Stick the sensor on the center of the installation area and hold it, check the results from digital indicator according to the following instruction table.

If the result is ok, mark a round installation spot on the fuel tank.

Digital Indicator Instruction:

Installation requirements:

For iron tank, at least 1 echo and the installation status code should be 1 or 2.

For aluminum or stainless-steel tank:

when the height of the fuel is < 60cm, it needs at least 2 echoes and the installation status code should be 2;

• when the height is > 60cm, it requires at least 1 echo and the installation status code should be 1 or 2.



Step 5: Install the sensor

Firstly, please clear the testing couplant on the surface of installation spot and probe completely.

5.1 Install the protective holder

Please make sure the center of the holder matches the marked round installation spot, also the holder should be parallel to the vehicle frame (chassis) 


5.2 Install the Model TUB sensor

a. Put the ring gasket on the surface of the sensor, then fill the measuring area with grease, make it a bit higher than the ring gasket. There must be no air bubbles or dust or sand inside the grease.

b. Insert the sensor into the holder and install the cover plate.

c. Connect to the digital indicator and check if the results are ok.



5.3 Fasten the holder 

a. Fasten the holder with the stainless-steel clamp tightly and put the rubber pad on four corners of the fuel tank below the clamp.

b. Fasten the joint of the steel clamp with a cable tie.



Step 6: Connect the sensor to GPS tracker

● Remove the digital indicator.

Connect the sensor to the extension cable, wrap the connection with insulating tape.

 Connect the fuse wire to the red wire of the extension cable.

 Fasten the extension cable to the chassis with cable ties and then connect to GPS device.

We suggest to wrap the joint of extension cable with black insulating tape and tie the cables as the following example, to reinforce the connection.


5: Wiring diagram of trumsense ultrasonic fuel consumption / fuel tank level sensor:



6: Configuration Protocol of trumsense ultrasonic fuel consumption / fuel tank level sensor:

6.1 Serial output mode: Active report every 10 seconds.

6.2 Baud rate: Default 9600, no parity bit, 8-bit data bit, 1 bit stop bit, no flow control.

6.3 Verification mode. Checksum

6.4 The output format from the sensor is hexadecimal data, you should convert the data to

ASCII format, then you parse it according to the following table. Example of the protocol:

*XD,529],02,01348,0500,1032,01347,0294,0112,8F# .


7: Packing list of trumsense ultrasonic fuel consumption / fuel tank level sensor:



8: Application examples of trumsense ultrasonic fuel consumption / fuel tank level sensor:

● Provide data on refueling, oil leakage, and fuel consumption, and provide statistical decision-making assistance for enterprises to prevent fuel theft, optimize fuel consumption, optimize operations and driver driving behavior

● Monitor the water volume of the sprinkler, and provide help for the water volume management and visual online monitoring of the sprinkler

● Monitor the water volume of fire trucks, provide visual online monitoring for water volume management of fire trucks, ensure that fire trucks can timely ensure water consumption during firefighting incidents, and ensure the timely and effective use of firefighting water


9: Detail photos of trumsense ultrasonic fuel consumption / fuel tank level sensor:


10. The reasons why you choose trumsense to purchase?

● OEM ODM factory

● 7x24 hours online proposal supplied

● 100% satisfied after-sales services

Trumsense Technology is an ultrasound technology company integrating R&D, production and sales. Focusing on the R&D and production of ultrasonic material (liquid) level meters, liquid level difference meters, open channel flow meters, mud level meters, sensors, transducers and other products, it occupies nearly 45% of the ultrasonic liquid level and material level industry market.

Mainly engaged in ultrasonic material (liquid) level meter series, pressure level / transmitter series, flowmeter series.

The main application fields of the product: sewage plant water works, mines, water conservancy, power plants, chemical plants, steel plants, printing machinery manufacturing plants, etc., liquid level measurement in various industrial fields, especially sewage treatment, acid and alkaline liquid measurement.




































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