Trumsense K3015CBH Mirror Clock Temperature Date Display with Anti-Fog Touch Six Button Mirror Bluetooth-compatiable Touch Panel

Item No.: 00521
★ Time + Date + Week + Temperature Displaying
★ LED Strip on / off
★ Bluetooh display
★ Anti-fog film on off control
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▶1 set of K3015CBH:

★ Time + Date + Week + Temperature Displaying

★ LED Strip on / off

★ Bluetooh display

★ Anti-fog film on off control

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★  Trumsense Factory Warehouse Directly Delivery

●   Model: K3015CBH

●  Time + Date + Week + Temperature Displaying

●  Bluetooth

●  Anti-mist film On Off Control

●  LED Strip on / off

● Used for LED Light Mirror of Bathroom,Washroom,Bedroom, Bar,Hotel,Beauty Salon,Coffee Shop,Sitting    Room,KTV,Homestay,Makeup Room... ... ... ... ... ...


1: K3015CBH Wholesales Price Reminding:

     We are the direct factory, our mainly users are from the smart mirror manufacturer worldwide, if you has bulk quantity

     purchasing plan,please kindly contact us for wholesales offer.

2: Important Before You Place An Order of Touch Switch K3015CBH In This Link:

      a: We only produce and sell touch switch sensor,do not produce and sell mirror.

      b: We will only send you the touch switch sensor, do not send mirror.

      c: You will only receive the touch switch, you will not receive any mirror.

      d: All the photos with mirror you can see in main photos, in description, in advertisement , in videos,or any other

          possible places,only with the purpose to show the final performance or functions, after you install our mirror touch

          switch sensor , on your old/existing mirrors.

      e: The most important job is: remove the mercury, to make it transparent, to match our touch switch's touch key, please

          contact us for the video, if you has a plan to buy or already receive the goods, because we can not upload large file


      f: We are the factory, we will make the touch panel work perfectly with our instruction, after your parcel was received.

      g: If your quantity is very big, please contact us and we will offer you the best prices or maybe exclusive prices in your

          province or your country.

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3: Touch Switch K3015CBH Working Principle:

The upgraded model of the old model K3015CBF is the K3015CBH six-button touch controller, which is installed on the glass mirror to realize touch operation. It provides a switch with a current carrying current of 4A, which can be connected to control lighting and other electrical appliances. The anti-fog function can drive a relay to realize the on/off control of the anti-fog film. At the same time, it has a built-in Bluetooth receiving module and a class D audio amplifier, providing an output power of 3W/4Ω × 2. Connect the matching K15 speaker to form a high-quality Bluetooth speaker , and you can control volume and song selection by touching the buttons. With a liquid crystal display, it can display the time, date, day of the week, room temperature, etc., as well as switch status and Bluetooth status. K3015CBH supports 12-hour/24-hour switching, and Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature switching.
*The anti-fog function of K3015CBH is automatic detection. After connecting the anti-fog load and then turning it on, it can support the anti-fog switch;

4: Basic Function of Touch Switch K3015CBH:


1: Turn on the ​power, the system lights up the main screen and the button backlight display, ​automatically displays the current temperature, time, date, and week after ​power on; enters the standby state; in the power-on state, short press 6 to ​control the opening of the mirror light / Off, the display sync symbol is ​displayed; long press 6 button for 3 seconds to shut down the system to sleep, ​the display and all current functions are turned off; press 6 again to wake up ​again.

2: In the ​power-on state, short press the 5 button to control the anti-fog function ​on/off, and the display with the same frequency symbol. (When the anti-fog ​function is turned on, if it is not turned off for more than 65 minutes, the ​system will automatically turn off the anti-fog function).

3: Press and hold ​5 and for 3 seconds to enter the system's clock setting mode. At this time, the ​clock displays the hour number flashing. When flashing, you can adjust the hour ​value by pressing the 1 key / 2 key; after the adjustment is completed, press ​the 5 key again, the clock displays the minute. The number flashes. When ​flashing, press the 1 button/2 button to adjust the minute value; press the 5 ​button again to display the month number flashing, press the 1 button/2 button ​to adjust the month when flashing, and so on, and finally After the rain year ​is set, the clock setting is completed when the number is no longer flashing. ​(Note: The clock setting can only be operated if the Bluetooth function is off)

4: Press the 4 ​button to turn on the Bluetooth playback function. The digital area on the ​upper left of the display will show the progress bar of the Bluetooth function. ​After the progress bar is displayed, it will enter the standby state and ​display “1-bt” and continue to flash. After the speaker emits a “beep” tone, ​the Bluetooth function is fully turned on and enters. Can be searched, open the ​Bluetooth function of the phone and search for the device name of “K3015C” to ​connect. After the connection is successful, “1-bt” on the display stops ​flashing. At this time, you can use the playback software in the phone to play ​music and pass Bluetooth. The connection is played on the system; in the ​playback state, pressing the 1 or 2 button can play the previous track or the ​next track; in the playback state, press the 3 button to wait for the volume ​icon to flash. Press the 1 or 2 button to adjust the volume.

5: With the Bluetooth function turned on, short press the 4 button ​to turn off the Bluetooth playback function, and the display area will restore ​the date and day of the week display.

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5: Parameters of Touch Switch K3015CBH :

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Product Name

Mirror Surface Intelligent Touch ​ Sensor Switch System

Product Model


Working voltage


Load Type

12V LED Light strip, anti-mist film

Loading Power


Consumption Power

0.9 W

Speakers Power


Sensing Distance

10 mm

Installation Method

Bracket Fixing Installation



Product function

Time Display

Date Display

Temperature Display

LED Light Mirror on off

Anti-mist film control

Bluetooth Playing Function

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6: Installation of Touch Switch K3015CBH :

     a: Before the installation ,you need to remove the mercury of your mirror with the laser machine and we will send you

        the DWG format file for this laser engraving job, after you receive our touch switch, please kindly do the installation as

        below instruction:

     b: Wiring Diagram of K3015CBH:

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7: Applications of the K3015CBH Used In Below Fields Widely Where There Is A Led Mirror :

like: Bathroom,Washroom,Bedroom, Bar,Hotel,Beauty Salon,Coffee Shop,Sitting Room,KTV,Homestay,Makeup Room...

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8: You Will Receive The Touch Switch K3015CBH , Totally Same As the Detail Photos Showed Below:

9:  Below Are The Products That is Compatible With The Touch Switch K3015CBH, and Below products are all our own designed and products:

      a: Power Adapter: D14

      b: Power Adapter: D24

      c: Power Amplifier:

      d: Big Power Supply Adapter:

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10: Customized Products Available:

       In past years, plenty of smart mirror factory purchased from us and many of the items was customzied, if the above

       function can not meet your needs, please conact us to discuss, our enginner will share our suggestion with you.



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