Trumsense STTWS1224420C 4 to 20 mA Current Signal Output Wind Velocity Sensor 12 to 24V Power Supply With High Strength and Precision for Meteorology Station

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● Good Linearity, High Precision
● High Sensitivity, High Wind Resistance
● Wide Measuring Range
● Long Circuit Life, Reliable Operation
● Strong Anti-lightning Interference Capability, Etc.
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The wind speed sensor adopts the traditional three-wind cup structure. The wind cup is made of imported ABS material with high strength and small starting wind speed. The precision signal processing unit can output various signals according to user requirements. This product has the advantages of large measuring range, good linearity, convenient observation, stable and reliable.

The wind direction sensor is a professional meteorological instrument for measuring the horizontal wind direction of the wind. The interior uses a precision angle sensor and uses a low inertia ABS wind vane to respond to the wind direction with good dynamic characteristics. When the wind direction changes, the empennage rotates through the shaft to drive the potentiometer shaft to rotate, thereby generating a varying resistance signal output at the active end of the potentiometer.

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2: Elite Features of New Generation Trumsense
Integrated Wind Direction and Wind Speed Sensor:
1: Good dynamic characteristics, good linearity, high precision and high sensitivity
2: Strong wind resistance
3: Wide measuring range
4: Good interchangeability
5: Long circuit life
6: Reliable work
7: A variety of excellent performances such as strong anti-lightning interference
8: Compliant with the WMO World Meteorological Organization (CIMO Guide)

3:  Basic Applications of 
New Generation Trumsense  Wind Speed Sensor:
widely used in meteorology, oceans, environment, airports, ports, laboratories, industry and agriculture and transportation.

4: Recent Order Photo Show of  
New Generation Trumsense  Wind Speed Sensor :

6: Trumsense 
Wind Speed Sensor  Calculation Formula :

Wind Speed Sensor Calculation Formula:
1: Impulsive(0 to 5V):W =0, (f = 0),
 W =0.3+0.0877×ff≠ 0
    W: indicating value of wind speedm/s
    f:    pulse signal frequency

2: Current mode (4~20mA):
    W = (i4)×45/16
     W: indicating value of wind speedm/s
i:   current type4-20mA))

3: Voltage type(0~5V)
    W =V/5×45
     Windicating value of wind speedm/s
     :  voltage signal0-5V))

4: Voltage type(0~2.5V)
    W =V/2.5×45
    Windicating value of wind speedm/s
    Vvoltage signal0-2.5V

Wind Direction Sensor Calculation Formula:
1: Voltage type (05V output)
    D = 360°×V / 5
    D: indicating value of wind direction
    V: output-voltage(V))

2: Current type ( 420mA output )
    D=360°× ( I-4 ) / 16
    D indicating value of wind direction
    I: output-current (mA))

7: Wind Direction and Wind Speed Sensor  Parameter /  Wiring / Protocol:

Accuracy-----Wind speed: +(0.3+0.03V)m/s (V represents real-time wind speed value) Wind direction: +3°

Resolution-----Wind speed: 0.1m/s; Wind direction: 1°

Starting wind speed-----≤0.5m/s

Maximum power consumption-----0.9W

Working environment-----temperature -35°C ~ 60°C; humidity ≤100%RH without condensation

Protection level-----IP64

Product net weight-----520g

Package weight-----1120g (including packaging and sensor line)

Cable grade-----rated voltage: 300V 80°C

Measuring range-----

Wind speed 0~45m/s (current, voltage output)

Wind speed 0~ 70m/s (pulse, 485, 232 output)

Wind direction 0-359°

Power supply-----

DC 5V- 24V
DC 7 - 24V
DC 12-24V

DC 9-30V

Output signal-----

Pulse: high 5V low 0V level signal (port default NPNRO PNP)

4~ 20mA

0~ 20mA




RS485 (port default Modbus DASCII)

RS232 (port default Modbus OASCI)

Cable length-----standard configuration: 0.5 meters

 8: Trumsense Wind Speed Sensor Installation Guide:
Flange mounted, fix four screws on the bracket and keep the product in horizontal

9: Wiring Example of Wind Speed Sensor,based on Current output, Voltage Output, Pulse, RS485 and RS232:

Customized Products Available:

       In past years, plenty of users purchased from us and many of the items was customzied, if the above function can not meet your needs, please conact us to discuss, our enginner will share our suggestion with you. Because we has mature team of design, develpment and after-sales.

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