Float Type Liquid Level Gauge Used In Rubber And Plastics, Hydraulic Machinery, Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industries

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The liquid level float switch is mainly composed of a reed switch and a float. There are magnetic materials in the float.
When the measured liquid level moves up and down, the magnetic reed switch is touched to detect the liquid level position.
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The float type liquid level gauge uses the buoyancy principle of the liquid to the magnetic float, and the displacement of the magnetic float with the change of the liquid level is converted into an analog signal output of 4-20mA. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable work without adjustment. It can display, alarm and control the liquid level of the medium in the opening, airtight container or underground tank in the instrument control room. The detected medium can be water, oil, acid, alkali, industrial sewage and other conductive and non-conductive liquids, and can overcome the influence of false liquid level caused by liquid foam. Floating ball level gauges are widely used in oil refining, chemical, paper, food, and sewage treatment industries.


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The connecting rod float level switch is to fix one or more reed switches in a closed stainless steel or plastic tube, and then the fixed ring fixes the float on the tube at the position related to the magnetic tube switch, so that the float is in the position Floating up and down within a certain range. The magnet in the float is used to attract the dry contact of the reed switch to make it open and conduct to control the liquid level.



The liquid level sensor adopts imported switching elements, which is light in size and simple in working principle.

Features of high reliability and low price:

1: There are floating balls of different materials and specifications to choose from,

2: Electrical parameters can be changed according to customer requirements

3: Special specifications can also be customized 



Basic Structure


The float type liquid level gauge is composed of float, plunger and so on. The float level gauge is installed on the top of the container through the connecting flange. The float floats on the liquid surface according to the principle of discharging the liquid volume and phase. When the liquid level of the container changes, the float also moves up and down. Due to the magnetic effect, the float The dry reed of the ball level gauge is magnetically attracted to change the position of the liquid level into an electrical signal. The actual position of the liquid is displayed digitally through the display instrument. The float level gauge can achieve remote detection and control of the liquid level.




Junction Form Description

● Multi-point control. Control switch position can be customized according to the user needs. 

● The use of magnetic spring switch does not require power supply, and the contact life can reach 2 million times. 

● All switch outlets are in the same junction box, and the external construction wiring cost is low. 

● Comparing multiple switching control points with other types of liquid level switches, RF type has the lowest unit price. 

● The protection level of the junction box is above IP-65. 

● PP and SUS316 metal materials are available, so suitable products can be used in combination regardless of acid-base solution, solvent or various fuels. 

● Magnetic spring switch is completely isolated from wire and liquid, so it can also be used safely in high temperature and high pressure equipment. 

● Connecting rod type floating ball level switch kit, suitable for high temperature and high pressure occasions 

● 60VA dry contact spring switch, which can be normally opened or normally closed through the installation position of the floating ball 

● 316 SS buoy, conduit and installation interface, which are suitable for harsh environments 

NEMA 4X Polypropylene Shell with Rotary Base for Electrical Adjustment 

● Customizable catheter length and switch setting point size






Installation instructions

It is recommended to use multi-core cables when wiring. The load of the controlled circuit must match the contact capacity of the float switch.

The installation position should be far away from the water inlet, otherwise the switch will cause malfunction due to the fluctuation of the water inlet.

If the switch is installed on the wall of the tank, an L-shaped angle steel bracket can be installed.

When the float switch is used in circuits with inductive loads such as motors, relays, solenoid coils, etc., it is recommended to connect protective circuits such as RC (snubbers), varistors, diodes, etc. in parallel at both ends of the load.

After the wiring is completed, please tighten the box cover and fix the wiring port to ensure that the junction box is waterproof.

The identification numbers on the terminal block of the terminal block correspond to the contacts of the float balls from top to bottom from small to large.


Application Example

The floating-ball level meter has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation and no adjustment. It can display, alarm and control the liquid level in the open, closed container or underground tank in the instrument control room. The detected medium can be conductive and non-conductive liquids such as water, oil, acid, alkali and industrial wastewater, and can overcome the influence of false liquid level caused by liquid foam. Floating ball level meter is widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, papermaking, food, wastewater / water treatment, shipbuilding, generator equipment, petroleum chemistry, food, electronics, dyeing and finishing, chemistry, rubber and plastic, hydraulic machinery, chemical pharmaceutical and other industries.



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