XKC-C372-2P Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controller Specially for Metal Material Container Suiable for All Types of Liquid

It was designed specially for the metal material liquid container, to sensing its liquid level by ultrasonic probe, no need to touch the liquid to realize the function to control the pump's on or off.
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Non-contact Type Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controller XKC-C372-2P, its basic function is: closes the relay to start the water pump to add liquid or stop pump.

Product overview:

The ultrasonic liquid level detection sensor designed and produced by our company adopts ultrasonic penetration technology to realize the non-contact detection of the liquid in the container. It can detect various toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkalis and various purity in high temperature and high pressure airtight containers. The liquid level is refined

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Product Features:

1. Realize non-contact detection without touching the liquid being tested ​2. High precision, real-time output of liquid height value ​3. Suitable for various liquids with different densities and shapes ​4. Suitable for containers of various materials and thicknesses ​5. Small size, easy installation, suitable for various liquid detection occasions ​6. Reliable product performance and strong anti-interference ability

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Scope of Applications:
This product is suitable for real-time detection of various liquids, and is especially suitable for detection of liquids that cannot be contacted. It has been widely used in beverage production, household appliances, medical equipment, drinking water equipment, chemical equipment, industrial automation, and detection of dangerous liquids in various industries.

Electrical Parameter:
◆Model: XKC-C372-2P ​
◆Name: C352 high and low liquid level automatic controller
◆​Input voltage: AC100V-220V, 50/60Hz ​
◆Working voltage: DC12V ​
◆Working current: working current ≤110 mA, static current consumption ≤20mA ​
◆Number of probes: 2 probes ​
◆Probe installation method: side wall of liquid container ​
◆Load power: below 1.6KW (for overload or for three-phase pumps, an AC contactor is required)
​◆Alarm output: 800W (resistive load) normally open normally closed output ​
◆Output mode: Relay normally open and normally closed or AC 110V/220V two options one output ​
◆Input signal: low-position sensing signal input; high-position sensing signal input;
◆​Induction head interface voltage: DC 12V ​
◆Working temperature: -10~75℃ ​
◆Dimensions: 115*90*40



Apply for Beverage production, household appliances, medical equipment, drinking water equipment, chemical equipment, industrial automation, detection of dangerous liquids in various industries.... ...