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The non-contact liquid level sensor manufactured by Trumsense Precision Technology is suitable for the outer wall of non-metallic containers without direct contact with liquids, and is not corroded by corrosive liquids such as strong acids and alkalis, an
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The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor produced by trumsense precision technology uses advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip to break through the influence of the wall thickness of the container and realize the true non-contact detection of the liquid level in the closed container. . The liquid level sensor (probe) is installed above and below the outer wall of the container to be tested (the high and low positions of the liquid level). The non-metallic container does not need to be opened, and the installation is simple and does not affect the production. The liquid level of various toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkalis and various liquids in the high-pressure closed container can be detected. The liquid level sensor has no special requirements on the material of the liquid medium and the container, and can be widely used.

Working Principle
The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor uses the sensing capacitance of water to detect the presence of liquid. When there is no liquid approaching the sensor, the sensor has a certain static capacitance due to the distributed capacitance. When the liquid level slowly rises close to the inductor, the parasitic capacitance of the liquid will be coupled to the static capacitor, causing the final capacitance of the inductor to become larger. The changed capacitance signal is then input to the control IC for signal conversion, which will change. The capacitance is converted into the amount of change of an electrical signal, and then a certain algorithm detects and judges the degree of the change. When the amount of change exceeds a certain threshold, the liquid level is considered to reach the sensing point.

Product Elite Feature:
 1. Non-contact liquid level sensor, suitable for non-metallic container outer wall without direct contact with liquid, no corrosion by corrosive liquid such as strong acid and alkali, free from scale or other debris.
 2. Intelligent liquid level reference adjustment and liquid level memory function, liquid level status display mode, can realize multi-point series connection; support high and low level output, NPN, PNP signal output and RS485 communication interface output (when selecting and manufacturer) Description can be).
 3. The detection is accurate and stable, and the boiling water level can be detected.
 4. Pure electronic circuit structure, non-mechanical working mode, stable performance and longevity.
 5. High stability, high sensitivity, strong interference ability, free from external electromagnetic interference, special treatment for power frequency interference and common mode interference, to be compatible with all 5~24V power adapters on the market.
 6. Strong compatibility, through a variety of non-metallic containers, such as plastic, glass, ceramics, etc., the sensing distance can reach 20mm; liquid, powder, particles can be detected.
 7. Open collector output mode, wide voltage range (5~24V), suitable for connecting various circuits and product applications.

Signal output:
The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor is divided into four signal output interfaces, which are high and low level output interfaces, NPN output interface, PNP output interface and RS485 communication interface; respectively, corresponding to four models:
High and low level output interface - Model: XKC-Y25-V
NPN output interface - Model: XKC-Y25-NPN
PNP output interface - model: XKC-Y25-PNP
RS485 communication interface - model: XKC-Y25-RS485

Project Name Parameters
Input voltage(In VCC) DC 5-24V
Current consumption 5 mA
Output voltage (high) 5-24V
Output voltage (low) 0V
Output Current 1~100mA
Response time 500mS
Working temperature -10~100℃
Induction thickness (sensitivity) range 0~20mm
Communications RS485, serial port TTL level
Humidity 5%~100%
Container Material Plastic, glass, ceramics and other containers
Protection grade IP67

1: Brown wire(VCC) Power +5V~24V(Power+)
2:Yellow wire(OUT) Signal output
3: Black wire(M)  Output level(positive output or negative output) control
     A: When the black wire connect the high level, yellow wire is positive output signal wire, the output is high level when the object is sensed.(NPN closed)
    B: When the black wire connect the low level, yellow wire is negative output signal wire, the output is low level when the object is sensed(NPN disconnect)
4: Blue wire(GND) Ground wire(connect Power-)

Mechanical Size:

Order Photo Show:

How to Adjust Sensitivity?
Open the sensor back cover and adjust the sensitivity knob with a small screwdriver:
1: Clockwise rotation to increases the sensitivity of the liquid level sensor
2: Anti-clockwise rotation to decreases the sensitivity of the liquid level sensor

Finally, the back cover is covered for liquid level detection.

Trouble shooting:
How to Work with other Devices?
This touchless liquid level sensor, can work perfectly with LED strip,IC board,PCB board,alarm,relay and the electromagnetic valve... ...

Any Applicaiton Example ?
This contactless liquid level sensor, has wide application, like automated control, sewage environmental protection treatment, water tower anti-dry control, agricultural insurance machines, household appliances, aquarium water control, medical equipment, drone liquid sensing... ...

Typical Installation Example:


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